K-12 Foundation for LHUSD#1

Supporting Education In Our Community


Areas of Focus 


Financial Support of each school in the District

Through our memberships, donations and fundraising events, we are able to donate money to each school on an annual basis for students. This financial support is outside the budget through the school district.


Supporting Professional Development

The K-12 Foundation established a fun with a gift of $50,000 to be used to support teachers that furthered their education through achieving their National Board Certification.

Math Tutor Program at LHHS

Through the math tutor program at the high school, the K-12 Foundation provides financial support for those students that are tutoring students that are signed up for the program.


Recognizing Academic Excellence

The K-12 Foundation holds a prestigious annual Academic Excellence Banquet for excelling students, teachers and their parents. Started in 2004 many high school students strive to be a part of this awesome event.

STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)is a focus of the K-12 Foundation and we support the activities of STEM at all grade levels within the Lake Havasu Unified School District.


Recognizing Teaching Excellence

In 2012, the K-12 Foundation in collaboration with David DePeal of Hair Productions and other businesses to create a way to appreciate teachers. Educator and K-12 Board member, Sherry Dailey helped establish the “Golden Apple” award, prior to her passing.